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Various locations, Ghent, 9000, Oost-Vlaanderen, Vlaams Gewest, België


Monday 8th to Thursday 18th July


Participation through application - Gratis


Various workshop leaders

EDERED (European Drama Encounters - Rencontres Européennes de Drama) is a multi-day European theater encounter for young people, organised in a different European participating country every year. This year, OPENDOEK will host the encounter for Belgium and the EDERED team is heading to Ghent.

Opgelet: omdat de voertaal tijdens EDERED Engels zal zijn, is ook deze pagina Engelstalig.

EDERED 2024 in Ghent: 8-18 July
EDERED Louder Together 4

Ever since 1982, young people from all over Europe (aged between 18 and 26) have been able to meet each other during EDERED, a multi-day European theatre encounter. Through a diverse programme of intensive intercultural workshops and social activities, young people get to know each other, the city and new theatre techniques. The participants, aged between 18 and 26, will work towards a final performance to be performed at the end of EDERED.

This year, EDERED is being organised in Belgium, with OPENDOEK as guest organiser. The ten-day event takes place in Ghent with the theme 'Louder together'! EDERED has 13 participating countries this year: Germany, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, UK, Turkey, Austria, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides the workshops, OPENDOEK also organises group activities to get to know not only each other, but also the city of Ghent and the local theatre scene.

Would you like to participate?

OPENDOEK is happy to invite 6 participants to this encounter, completely free of charge! Fill in the form and/or send a video message to explain your motivation. The deadline for application is 21 April!


Accomodation, meals, workshops and activities

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